"Beautiful Hair Doesn't Happen By Chance.

It happens by appointment."

Haircutting for the Ladies

Fees are based on the length, the complexity of the cut, and time involved to complete it. All Fees Are Listed when you go to schedule. 

Short Hair

Predetermined Lengths that flatter your face and enhance the shape of your head. Properly designed short hair cuts shout out flirty and sexy.

Medium Length

Medium Length haircuts do not pass the shoulders. This is a good length for the ladies who still enjoy wearing a low ponytail and have more styling options than shorther hair.

Long Hair

Long Hair is hair that passes the shoulders. When it is cut correctly, it offers an array of styling options for when it's up or worn down. It's very important to keep the ends looking tidy. No split ends!

Dry Cutting

If your hair is clean and in good condition, you can opt for a dry cut and save time and money. 

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