"A woman's hair color is like her permanent foundation. It should flatter her with or without  makeup."                             

- StevenMichael


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A Word On Color


Hair color is only as good as the hair it's applied to. Hair that's in good condition will maximize how good your color looks from roots to ends. StevenMichael offers a wide range of coloring options. If you're not sure what type of color service you're looking for, please schedule a Free Consultation to ensure you're getting what you expect and that it meets your budget/maintenance criteria. StevenMichael is part Colorist, part Chemist. His approach to hair color is extraordinary. Most of his color services are processed/developed in 20 minutes or less by the use of steam heat. It allows color to process 3x's faster than the average 30-45 min. most hair colors take. Your hair will also be clarified/purified before any color service. Clarified hair results in the best looking hair color and longer retention of color (less fading), and a much better feeling to your hair overall. Clarifying hair before a color service is mandatory @StevenMichael for Hair. 

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