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Craft Hair Design & Modern Hair Coloring Techniques

StevenMichael for hair


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"Everyone has their own unique beauty, I    make it obvious"


I look at hair as though it's a fabric, like a Textile expert, knowing exactly what each and every hair "type" requires in order to look fantastic on a daily basis. To me, there's Fine, Medium, and Coarse textured hair. Silk, Cotton, and Denim respectively. When you know how to properly cleanse, condition, and style your particular "fabric", it's life-changing. I teach you how to treat your fabric. 

I'm licensed as a Barber. It gives me the license to do hair, any hair, not just men's. My hair designs are based on indisputable Principles. They never fail you. I'm a stickler when it comes to shape and balance. You'll get up to 6 more weeks wearing a finely executed, principle-based hair design, bar none and, I even offer you a guarantee that you'll like it or anything that doesn't feel right for you, is rectified, that simple. 

My hair coloring practices are like none other. I purify or clarify the hair before any coloring process and it's non-negotiable. I wouldn't paint a dirty wall any more than I'd color dirty hair. Even if it's washed with ordinary shampoo, that's not enough. It must be clarified to remove what ordinary shampoo can't but, moreover, it prevents chemical damage by removing anything metallic from the hair. It's a total game-changer. I also use steam to process most of my hair color services. I can take a 45 min. color service down to no more than 20 - 25 min. with stellar results time and time again. That saves you time and money!

I got into doing hair because I wanted to understand it, not just do it. 35 years later, I live and breathe it. I can speak it in my sleep, I understand it so well.

I, and my beautiful dog, Luna,  look after my elderly mother who lives on 8 acres.

I do all my work in a peaceful wooded area out of a funky 2 bedroom mobile home that use to be a salon back in the '50s. I gutted it and gave it a bright Zen-like vibe. I now work privately one-on-one. It's truly a unique paradise to do my work in. All who visit can't wait to return.  Call Now And See Why!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something awesome. You'll always have a front row parking spot. Guaranteed! *wink*


Great Hair Doesn't Happen by Chance...
It Happens by Appointment.

Call Now. 978-985-5717 or Book Online by hitting the "Schedule Now" button*

*Important - 
No Shows are No Good. If you schedule an appointment and do not show up, there will be a fee of 50% of the service total booked upon the next appointment.



Service Offerings

Mens Hair Design & Grooming Services

Women's Hair Design

$45- $65

Color Maintenance 

$45 - $65

Foil Hair Coloring

$85 & Up

Hair Extensions

Hair Replacement

Prices Vary



$35 - $60



10807 16th St. E

Edgewood, WA. 98372

Tel: 978 - 985 - 5717

I'll be back in touch shortly!


"I was just about ready to give up on ever finding a hairstylist that understood my fine, limp hair until I met the amazing Steven Michael! A girlfriend of mine told me about him and I was absolutely blown away at what he was able to make my hair do in one visit. It now has volume, movement, and amazing body because Steven Michael educated me on the "type" of conditioner my fine hair requires. No one has EVER taught me what this man has. I couldn't imagine my hair life without him." 

Sheri Larson/Nurse/Weston, Ma. 

"My brother goes to Steven Michael. Every time I see what Steven can do with his wild hair, I'm blown away! The man has some serious skills. Now I drive nearly 90 min. every time I need a cut but his cuts last so much longer than my previous cuts so he's definitely worth the trip. I highly recommend him to anyone I know looking for a good all-around stylist." 

Shane Merandez/Accountant/Andover, Ma.

"Steven Michael did what no one else could. He got the brassiness out of my hair once and for all. He's genius with hair color and he never leaves you in the dark as to what he's doing to your hair and why he's doing it. I use to get so nervous whenever I had to get my hair colored. Not anymore. Whatever he decides to do works every single time. If you follow his hair care directions to a tee, your hair life will be changed forever. Promise!"


Linda Sterling/College Student/Bradford, Ma.

I just met Steven Michael for the first time because my girlfriend can't say enough about this guy's know-how. I'm a fussy guy who likes a great cut but I don't want to spend much time doing much to it.  Steven Michael knows how to cut hair, period. His techniques were like I've never seen before in a barber. My hair does exactly what I need it to do on a daily basis. I highly recommend this guy!

                                       Mike Swellin/Federal Way, Wa.

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